A 40 year old former detective, who now launders mob money for a living, hits rock bottom. His wife left him, he lives out of his van and he's a booze bag, but when the IRS audits him he finally decides to change his life around. His plan? In a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of the game, he steals his mobster boss' money, kidnaps her son for ransom, and gets in a tangle with her licensed killer, only to wake up drunk and disheveled on a rooftop with no money and a hit on his head. Does he have any regrets? Definitely. Has he actually learned from his mistakes? Doubtful. Loose Cannons has won three awards in 2015, an Audience choice award from Bay Area Shorts Fest (BASH), an Award of Merit from the Best Shorts Competition and a silver Telly award for the end credit sequence animation.


2015 Silver Telly award winning end credit animation sequence.